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Blink Example using Timer on a Tiva Launchpad

Working with the powerful Tiva Launchpads using Energia is awesome! However… things start to get ugly when trying to achieve things not officially supported by the IDE and its libraries, such is the case when trying to use hardware Timers. … Continue reading

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Designing a Communication Protocol using Arduino’s Serial Library

Sending and receiving multiple bytes of information efficiently between microcontrollers, sensors or computers requires the design of a communication protocol. We have by example TCP and UDP protocols, which are the basis of internet data exchange. A communication protocol consists … Continue reading

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Creating an iOS app to talk Bluetooth 4.0 using a Bluno board

Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) is quite popular in Internet of Things devices. iOS and OSX have official support for it, embedded in the CoreBluetooth framework. I will not delve into the full specs of Bluetooth 4.0, but I … Continue reading

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